And how would i use it?

Organization network analysis is the ability to judge how an organization functions as a network – how to visualize the relationships employees and teams leverage between them that allow organizations to be successful beyond their professional abilities and where, within a network context, there is ground to be gained. Who talks to who? Who does everyone turn to routinely? Where is time being wasted? What is slowing down decisions? Network Analysis gives company leadership the ability to put context behind their reams of analytic data that most organizations are being overwhelmed by.
Imagine trying to bring a product to market – across multiple teams and business units and regions – and despite process improvements and a host of technology linking the organization together – emails, chats, conference calls, continuously failing to meet deadlines for a viable product ready for market. Instead of relying on “gut feelings” of what went wrong (or worse, who to blame), network analysis would be able to identify the communication breakdowns along the execution chain, show where decisions were being held up (and more importantly, why), and which people/teams were overwhelmed (or underutilized!).
As you can imagine, the above just scratches the surface of how a customized network analysis study can be focused. Looking at geographic dispersion impacts, mapping the new gig worker economy, mergers and acquisitions integration – the benefits of network analysis studies are far reaching.
For more in-depth, specialized studies from across the field – please feel free to click on the community research page to discover more information of how network analysis studies are being applied.