About Us

Aizle Analytics was built on the principle that 21st century organizations need a more effective way to be able to measure their employee base beyond employee engagement surveys in order to understand the knowledge gap between organization processes and behavior.  

We are passionate about diversity of thought, experience, and backgrounds in providing more objective and actionable solutions for our clients. We truly believe that the vast majority of answers to an organization's process and behavior opportunities already reside in the organization, leaders just need to view their organization through an enhanced lens. 

Our Story

Founded in 2019, we're a small  company with a mix of corporate experience and data science and hoping to expand beyond that.  

Our founder, Jess Webb, has two decades of experience in the network analysis field. 

Prior to founding Aizle Analytics, Jess spent seven years at a boutique leadership and management consultancy based out of Washington D.C.  As a partner there, she built and ran the analytics arm of the consultancy focused on rapidly profiling and assessing over 50 Fortune 500 companies through a network and culture analysis lens. 

Before making the switch to private sector, Jess had 16 years as an Intelligence targeting officer, focusing on counter terrorism network targeting efforts supporting U.S. Special Operations forces overseas. She had 14 deployments post 9/11 before hanging up her boots and vowing to get a hobby. 

Our head honcho is the only person we know that would climb Mount Kilimanjaro just so she could fly the NHL Detroit Red Wings flag at the 19.4K summit.  After failing to get that photo retweeted by her beloved hometown team, she can now be found yelling at her computer during hockey season for her new favorite team - the Washington Capitals.