What is network analysis?

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Diverse business people

Measuring Inclusion

Learn how to use network analysis to measure inclusion at your organization. 

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People Analytics Focus Areas

Employee Engagement

Augment and enhance your employee survey feedback

Identify Crucial Influencers

Learn who is driving key performance – and who may be burning out

Team Collaboration Networks

Enable effective team collaboration across your business

Speed Your Decision Making

Illuminate the bottlenecks in your organization

Business Process Focus Areas

Agile Transformations

Arm leaders with network landscape data

Mergers and Acquisitions

Build the right bridges for integration

Spark Innovation

Reveal the social capital driving innovation in your organization

typical network analysis timeline

Customize your 5 minute network analysis survey (2 weeks)

Gain employee feedback on their networks (2 weeks)

Network analysis models and insights (2-4 weeks)