Next Generation Network Analysis

We partner with organizations every day that care about having a competitive advantage by using next generation analytics. With robust, custom network analysis -the focus is on you and your company. Identify influential people and teams. Understand communication silos. Underpin agile efforts.  Map your organization - understand your human terrain.  

What is Network Analysis?

Network Analysis Focus Areas


Understand Team Collaboration

The movement to a team-based culture has been popular with industry for the past decade. How can large companies be more agile and nimble?  Network analysis arms leaders with an in-depth understanding on how teams are communicating and collaborating - and where and how they can make improvements. 

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Identify Crucial Influencers

A list of high potential employees and the latest and greatest process tweaks are great first steps to increasing organizational agility.  But understanding who the crucial influencers are in your organization, see how they're making execution happening, sparking innovation, gives leaders the data they need to leverage the right people at the right times. 

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Underpin Agile Transformations

As agile processes continue to eat the world, explore how network analysis metrics and mapping can underpin any transformation - illuminating people best suited for teams and where high performers may be suffering from over collaboration requirements due to the transition. 

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Accelerate Your Decisions

How quickly an organization can execute on its objectives is one of the key performance metrics most organizations battle on a daily basis - how to beat the competition, be the first to market, have a better product.  Network analysis provides in depth understanding about where on the execution chain good decisions are being made quickly and where there are opportunities to delegate. 

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Mergers & Acquisitions: Purposeful Integration

Less than 25% of mergers and acquisitions generate the expected revenue due to both internal and external issues.  The largest cited reason of failed internal integration is due to culture.  Network analysis illuminates how parent and acquired organizations truly operate culturally, show opportunities for seamless integration and help arm leaders with data on quickest return on investment.

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Spark Innovation

With the average life cycle of most companies on the Fortune 100 decreasing significantly due to more nimble competition in a more chaotic environment, constant innovation is at the forefront of all corporate executive's strategies. Network analysis maps your pockets of innovation and provides an in-depth map on how your organization's innovation cycle could be emboldened, and where innovation sparks can be leveraged more fully. 

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