Identify the people holding the network together

Go into any organization, and most C-suite executives can tell you who their top performers are, or who are on a high potential employee leadership track. But going one step beyond, and understanding the layer of personnel who are actually driving the communication, collaborating across teams and creating the relationships that generate innovative ideas is much harder to describe.
Network analysis empowers leaders with concrete data that shows not only their human capital landscape, but equally important, their social capital landscape. Industry has transitioned to an era of understanding that truly successful, nimble organizations need more than just additional skilled employees. Highly successful organizations understand that setting the conditions to allow their employees to increase their social capital – the networks that will allow them to be the most successful at their jobs – is just as important, if not more.
Network analysis empowers leaders to understand which employees are the most influential, where areas of potential burn-out due to over-collaboration are highlighted, and map where employees believe innovation expertise, crucial decision makers, informal mentors, and product expertise reside. Further, network influencer mapping has shown to be critical in providing an objective retention impact map which illuminates which employees will generate significant knowledge loss impacts to their organization.
Leveraging an understanding of social capital landscape has proven to be extraordinarily useful for C-suite leadership roles in areas such as (but not limited to):
· Pre /post re-organization process and knowledge impacts
· Causality context to Employee Engagement survey results
· Product delivery optimization – processes and timelines
· Adaptive innovation space creation (crucial for R&D programs)
· Agile process transformations
Network analysis studies will provide both critical insight into who your organization’s most influential personnel and teams are and provide data based recommendations to help leaders understand how to leverage influencers who are spreading great ideas, culture, and informal mentorship – and where in their organization there are opportunities for additional connections.